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At Blue-White, we pride ourselves on cutting-edge technology, quality materials of construction, and excellent customer service since 1957.

We are continuing our innovative approach: simplifying the chemical metering and fluid measuring process to give users peace of mind and invent new technologies that will expand our abilities, community, and world.

Our worldwide network of factory authorized representatives, distributors, dealers, and warranty centers look forward to serving you.

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Dosificadores e Hipocloradores

81010-13 DOSIFICADOR Blue-White® (B&W) C-15N204 X 110V (49 GPD)

81010-14 DOSIFICADOR Blue-White® (B&W) C-15N404 X 110V (119 GPD)

81010-02 HIPOCLORADOR Blue-White® (B&W) C-630-P (57 GPD)

81010-03 HIPOCLORADOR Blue-White® (B&W) C-660-P (110 GPD)

81010-04 HIPOCLORADOR Blue-White® (B&W) C-6125-P (237 GPD)

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